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I am a Graphic Designer with 8 years of experience in the design industry, currently the Art Director at Little League International. Collaborating with designers and colleagues in creating exciting new ways to brand and delight customers. By understanding the project scope, setting timelines, and developing a clear path for innovation to occur. It’s not just about the end product, but process and building something great.

Outside of work I like cooking new recipes and watching movies with my daughter. I am a former college athlete in soccer and enjoy the sports industry.

Dear Class of 2016

To the future graphic designs of tomorrow, with only a few months from graduations, I give these words of advice.

  1. Never Stop perfecting your skills or picking up new. Being a Jack-of-all-trades is not a bad thing.
  2.  Watch and learn about your client’s or companies focus before trying to make changes
  3. Keep your head up while in crappy jobs, it takes a while

True Story: My second job out of college. I struggled to find work and took the job as a sign maker at a grocery store. One night a week, the hours were from 11pm to 4am in the morning. My team’s responsibility was to switch out all the price tags for the next sale.

The sign maker part included centering the copy “Chips $2.99” on a card stock and replacing the old one. And, while the third shift crew would be replenishing stock – the radio blasted music, keeping the every up. Beyonce’s lyrics of Irreplaceable “ To the left, to the left … Move your Box to the Left” was stuck in my head for days. So we all have to start somewhere, just know it’s not forever.

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